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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 24, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> to gauge the excitement, you have to be there, when a sample comes on board. from a troll or a submersible or an r.o.v. there's tremendous excitement among scientists. it's not just scientific excitement. it's amazement at new species. >> reporter: some are, perhaps, not the most attractive. but they have been most inventive in adapting to the extreme environment. this surprising-looking sea cucumber survives from the sunlight above. some survive on methane and oil. just discovers from the ten-year marine project which concludes in london next year. sophie hutchinson, bbc news. >> interesting-looking creatures. >> who knew there was an underwater dumbo. >> stay with us for "good morning america," coming up at 7:00. we'll hear from ted kennedy's widow, vicki. it will be her first interview since the senator's death over the summer.
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for updates, check out our website, >> just moments away on good morning, washington, a massive crib recall. 7 on your side is going to tell you what every parent needs to know. >> and working around the clock to patch up a water main in an arlington neighborhood. >> and it's the last dance, the stars get a last chance at the mirered ball. good morning, washington starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> good morning, washington i'm doug mckelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. we've got another rainy morning out there so let's get to weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> couldn't get more dismal than
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it is right now. >> yes. and the sprinkles linger through the week. so could be a not so pretty thanksgiving week but more of an indoor type of plan. we have like showers through maryland, charles county, dun kirk and a little drizzle not reflected on the radar and like yesterday temperatures aren't going to move. today calling for overcast skies , cool conditions and on and off showers, light, about 50 or so for the high. lisa? >> through the rain, brian, we had a car go off the road on the inner loop at central. but they've managed to take care of that and get it out of the way. if you leave in the next five or so minutes you'll see a few burning flares left on the road. visibility is going to be very poor. no major problems to report as
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you see in the camera in maryland. nice run on 66. 95, 395 and in the district. we'll come back with more, but right now we go to news with alison and doug. >> lisa, thank you, very much. this morning a warning for families with young children. >> the government has issueed the largest crib recall in american history. it effects more than 2 million of these dropside cribs made by stork craft manufacturing. the experts say the cribs pose a successful indication hazard and at least four children have already died. courtney robinson is on your side with what you need to know about these hidden dangers. >> good morning alison. this is certainly a scary thing the hardware deforled, the gate can be installed upside down and can lead not just to injury but
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some families have found it can be deadly. >> if this looks like your child's crib the consumer products safety commission says stop using it immediately. >> we're going to do everything in our power to get these off the market. >> this boy is of the four infants who died after the dropside suffocated hill. him. >> he was stuck between the mattress and the side rail wh his face pressed up against the mattress. >> the baby's head gets caught in that depression and the baby can strangal and die. >> the drop side feature is meant to give easier access to parents, but this falls church couple says after a lot of research they chose another. >>i had read that they were not safe, because i looked at a lot of safety rufse for cribs. >> it's better to be safe than
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sorry. >> in recent years more than 5 million cribs have been recalled for a brauth broad range of safety issues. this effects those between january 1993 and object 2009. for more information log on to keyword cribs. in the newsroom courtney robion. >> thank you courtney. meanwhile crews are continuing to clean up an arling on the neighborhood after a huge water main break there. the 36-inch main rupptured yesterday sending mud and water rushing into backyards and basements and buckeled the road and sidewalks there. the county is working with homeowners to help them dry out. >> first a safety inspection and now an you had a it an audit. contracts want to use a piling
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to support a bridge carrying metro trains over 66. auditors will look into why they weren't alarmed more safety checks weren't ordered. the contractors now agreed to test nine of those 11 pilings. >> the army psychiatrist who killed those at fort hood will likely plead not guilty by reason of insanity. hasan remains in san antonio where he remains paralyzed. he was shot after taking part in that attack. >> and president o'bama plans to announce his afghanistan strategy. robert gibbs has the information he wants and needs it's said. on whether to commit tens of thousands of new forces to afghanistan. military officials and others expect mr. o'bama to settle on a
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middle ground option involving up to 35,000 force,. two southern provinces are under a -- gloria arroyo made an emergency declaration after gunmen kild at least 24 people in an attack on an election caravan. they intercepted political supporters and journalists who were on their way to file election papers. >> at 5:06 this morning will it be mya donny or kelly? "dancing with the stars" will crown another champion tonight. ♪ >> and singer maya who is from maryland, by the way, is the front run tore win to get perfect score for her pass dobe lei and leads the pack. fan favorite donny osmond the second favorite and then kelly osbourne is in third place.
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we'll see who gets in there. tonight beginning at 9:00 right here on abc 7. fun finale. >> a lot of folks watching that tonight. it's 5:70, 47 degrees. >> and the holiday rush for the h 1 is n 1 vaccine. we'll tell you where to go before your thanksgiving trip. >> it just got hit with a hog. so what can you expect? ran head on into a hog. >> first paula dean tries to dodge a flying pig? we're going to show you what
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>> it's 5:10 on this tuesday. rainy look. >> let's start with lisa baden. see if the rain's causing any major issues out there, lisa? >> not quite yet, but it certainly has potential, alison and doug. certainly no surprise because coming down visibility is going to be less desirable. around the beltway i have less to report. and along baltimore and also in
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your favor traffic to 66, and taking you live through the picture of beltway traffic. highlights are the outer loop side and that looks great. over to brian van de graaff in the weather center. >> we have a lot of drizzle. fog slowing you down, and a couple showers as well. live doppler 7 h.d. shows you 48 with the showers some showers toward annapolis. otherwise a damp start. temperatures hovering around 50 much like yesterday with some light rain and drizzle. >> well celebrity chef paula dean is doing just fine after being hit in the face with a ham. > oh! >> well, dean was delivering food to a soup kitchen in atlanta yesterday when a volunteer tossed a 30-pound frozen ham to her.
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she wasn't laughing when it hit her face but she later joked she ran head on into a hog. >> i wonder who the person was who threw the ham was. probably no longer employed. >> probably wasn't paying attention. >> 47 rainy degrees. the last-minute rush for the swine flu vaccine. >> and taking aim at the iphone. we're going to tell you about a new worm that's on the attack. >> but first south carolina's embattled governor.
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>> in ourtop stories at 5:14 on this tuesday morning, the largest crib recall in u.s. history. more than 2 million dropside cribs by store craft manufacturing are being recalled. many under the fisher price name. four infants have died after becoming trapped in the side gate. jcpenney, kmart and wal-mart are among those selling and recalling them. >> and president and mrs. o'bama will host a performance including actress/singer. >> and there are charges for the governor carrying a maximum $74,0 in fines and sanford has been under scrutiny since he
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admitted an extramarital affair with a woman in argentina. >> swine flu venus will be offered to people in high-risk groups in each of fairfax county's five health department locations. montgomery county an appointment-only clinic will be held for adults 18-24 with chronic illnesses a push to get people vaccinated before the thanksgiving holiday. >> we've had a big flu season because of the pandemic. >> for more information go to keyword flu. >> it is 5:16 on this rainy tuesday morning. time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> we begin again with alisa parenti. >> hello lisa baden. >> hello.
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we'll go live to some geico cameras to show you what to expect. southbound on 270, closest to us on our screen. traffic headed away from us is southbound. leading 80 to get to germantown, . a little bit wet, not too wild at 210. on to 295, good and across the wilson bridge itself. next cameras to virginia on northbound 395 at king street good on the main line and h.o.v. now with this we go to brian in the weather center. >> let me talk about what's happening out there. we have showers falling across the area making a wet go of it. you do see some of that rain. light drizzle, just not reflected on the radar. >> we do have some like moisture falling so it's going to be damp
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and gray and much like yesterday although in some places we have picked up over a half to a quarter inch of rain. overcast, cool, just a damp day. temperatures ranging in the 50's. and it will be about 50 for a high today at best. temperatures are going to be fairly steady through the day we are looking at possible light rain tomorrow and a light sprinkle then friday a much colder air coming through. a cold front that will drop in friday. cold, gusty wind and temperatures in the 40's only on friday with maybe a couple flurries in there. >> in today's "tech bytes" black friday video game bundles and a new worm taking aim at the iphone. abc's jeremy hubbard has more. >> a malicious worm is released on some aye phones, target aye
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phones remonthing the protection allowing to it run programs. but iphone owners who have not changed their original settings have nothing to worry about. >> at&t launched a prepaid broadband service that allows users to connect their laptop to computers it cost $15 for a daily pass and $30 for a weekly plan. a limited edition console each bundle will come with preinstalled games. brain teaseers and supermario. they will cost the same as the standard dsi. if you ever wanted a skate board but afraid you'd break your ankle you can now have tony hawk ride with a skate board controller and they say it's almost as hard as riding an
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actual skate boarder. >> it's a clever idea but unfortunately the board, while a really solid piece of hardware doesn't always seem to interact well with the skating. the game overall could really use more clarity and direction in what to do, where to go, a sloppy execution. you can't help feel the developers wrapped up in making an amazing-looking bard but not concentrating on the board itself. >> it's available for the xbox 360 and wii. you can log on to for more. >> that's $120 i'll be saving. >> exactly. i won't get a for you, then. it was opt list. >> ok. >> 20 minutes after the hour on a tuesday morning. outside it's rain yip and about 46 degrees. >> still ahead in sports what a
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meltdown on the ice. details on the calves' collapse. >> then later today oprah and "people" magazine celebrate the headline-making heroes of 2009. that's today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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>> hey, good morning, washington, the cavs have played three games until fourights in two country tansd last thing they wanted to do was go in 2002. i think they go in ottawa.
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washington in the second period. jeff got the first nhl goal. it was 3-1 capitals but after that it was all senators. simien never had chance. fisher in front he light it is lamp. the final was 4-3 in overtime. let's go to hawaii. the terps playing chaminade. maryland started to break it open in the second half. nice pass inside, and milbourne with the bucket, the terps led by 10. moving on late in the second period now. maryland came back in the second period. fast vasquez to mosley the terps win it 79-51 they'll play cincinnati today in the semifinals. there's a look at your morning sports. 1r a great day, everybody. >> 5:24 is your time on this tuesday and today's bloomberg report airline cutbacks could make traveling a bit more expensive. linda bell joins us.
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good morning. >> good morning to you alison you're exactly right. you think getting everything to fit in your suit case is hard enough? wait until you try to fit on the plane. you should expect seats like these alligation americans packing the planes strug to make those carry-on bags fit that's because airlines have been cutting flights and checking in luggage is at an all-time high. best says some airlines will be slapping sur charges on as many as 41 days between now and next summer. >> keep an eye on shares of mattel. after the crib recall. it's the largest recall in history. as you have been reporting the more than 2 million 2kr07down cribs are made made by stork craft and some were sold under the fisher price brand made by
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mattel. >> take a look at stock index futures. right now little changed. that's business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. 5:26. 46 degrees. the news continues with good morning, washington at 5:30. >> still ahead we're going to talk about the holiday economy because a new poll shows rough time have shopers thinking like scrooge. we'll have a live report. >> and a wake-up cl about washington's mayor. most voters are not interested in a second term. >> and i'm matt brock live in arling on the checking out the repairs of that big water main break yesterday. gushing water out, damaging eight homes, we'll have a live update coming up. >> thank you, and we're live in the weather center where mother nature is bringing down her own water. how long will this last? we'll let you know.
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>> and welcome back to good morning, washington. on a tuesday morning, we're glad you're joining us. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it's pretty darn dismal out there. >> and it doesn't look so great for the whole week. we'll probably see a little transition but that will come with a little bit of colder air. >> yes. unfortunately a lot of people are traveling, you know? makes it so complicated. >> yes.
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we'll get to your travel forecast and most of the country will be unaffected by major weather. so it should be a decent travel day. sprinkles out there. upper 40's temperaturewise drizzly and overcast. much like yesterday, but not quite as much rain in the forecast. we'll talk about your travel forecast coming up but first here's lisa baden. >> i'm with guy on the phone the traffic signals are completely dark and police are in that area. you'll see flashing lights and the snalings are completely dark on 198 at 650 new hampshire avenue. nothing to report on i-95. northbound. but southbound 95 maryland before the exit for 198 in the rain, in the dark there's a vehicle stalled out in the second lane from the left and traffic is come up behind it at speed. that is frightening. nothing too frightening about
5:32 am
296. if you leave silver spring into northwest on 16th street, there's a crash southbound after cal anya. alison and doug? >> ok, lisa baden thank you for that. the cleanup continues in one area. thousands of water buckeled and flooded things matt, we hope to get this fixed? >>hings came to a stand still in the last hour or so. that's because they have to now wait for the replacement pipe. take a look at they are essentially doing a great big vume still pulling water out of the hole. but they have cleared the way for the pipe. we'll show you that in about a half-hour. you can see the break. these guys working overnight and then some home video to show you of how this water came gushing out yesterday around noon and
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we're at thetop of the hill soirkts sort of rolled down the hill into eight homes just a river of water. now the goal is to get it fixed but also to figure out exactly why it happened. >> it could be age, could be movemt or the force of water. but we'll do our best to go back and look at our engineering records and see if we can find out what happened. >> quite a mess for folks to clean up later today. a lot of water damage and mud in their homes and basements of homes. as far as water service, well, everybody has water. so that's the good news. although it could be two to three days before the road here is open again. we're live in arlington this morning. matt brock. abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you, very much. seven is on your side with an alert for parents. the government has issueed the biggest recall in cribs history.
5:34 am
2 million cribs dropside cribs it can cause a baby's head to get caught and at least four infants have died. you can call the company for a free kit to secure the side until then government says do not use the cribs. >> police have a sketch of a man want for the attacking a jogger. the woman was dragged off the trail and sexual assaulted. that suspect is described as an hispanic man between 25-35 with a medium build and short military-styled haircut. if you recognize him, you are asked to call police. and we now know the identity of a woman found dead in a burning s.u.v. in annandale, the body of 44-year-old valina was discovered in the driver's seat after firefighters put out the flames. police are still investigating
5:35 am
but police say they do not suspect foul play. >> more charges are expected to be filed against a man accused 6 of murdering chandra levy. prosecuters have not named -- they found a person claimed to have been attacked by the man fiting this description. because of this the judge postponed his trial. >> and police say a woman was leaving her apartment on russell avenue when a masked man hiding in the hallway forced her back into her apartment. police say he tied her up and sexual assaulted her. >> so if the elections were held today d.c. mayor adrian fenty may not win a second term. 15% want a new mayor. this poll also shows he would lose against vincent gray if the two were to face off next year.
5:36 am
22% remain undecided. gray has not said whether he plans to run for mayor in 20 10. and the fight over health care reform has much of the country's attention. a survey by the non-partisan robert wood foundation found 60% of americans are following the debate closely but 57% think do not think an overhaul would affect their insurance directly. but democrats have been accused of sacrificing their principals. the debate on the senate floor begins next week. >> the economy is having a big impact on food donations in the area. the de mandatory the outweighing the supply. word spread there wer free turkeys for the public and industrial bank and the dialysis company gave away 200 turkeys for the food bank and this year turkey donations are not keeping up with the need.
5:37 am
>> i've been fielding all the turkey requests and they are off the charts charts. people aren't able to provide the turkeys and holidayal baskets that they have in the past. >> the biggest impact may be on churches who traditionally give baskets to the needy and the church says the requests have doubled and can meet it. >> the redskins are lending a helping hand. the team is holding their annual food give away but it's not to everyone. only prince george's county residents to qualify. only those under the guidelines will be eligible. you can call the number on your zron see if you qualify and late they are afternoon redskins players will deliver food to three area shelters. >> a lot of people are stepping up to the plate to help the needy. >> 5:36. 46 degrees right now. coming up next, going sfloge it's a goldmine. we're going to tell you how many
5:38 am
copies of sarah palin's book have sold. >> and black friday is right around the corner, so what can shopers expect when they hit the stores? i'm pamela brown. i'll tell you coming up. >> we have wet roads out there. a lot often ponding and puddling if you're anything like me,n
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>> hi, i'm dee. >> i'm gayle. we are on the alex andrea dock where many will cruise patomic in the holiday parade of light it's. good morning, washington. and we say good morning, washington as well. 20 minutes before the hour. time for your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> am adam stabbeding by in annandale with your friendly neighborhood weather. >> i'm officially sick of the weather. i'm sick of this dreary, damp, drizzly, sort of drizzmal fall if you will. it's what we've been seeing consistently for the last few months. another morning, another round of rain. if you're not in the rain you're in the drizzle. right now in annandale near the bradley shopping center, it's 46 degrees. so it's cool. of course the relative humidity is at 100%.
5:42 am
you don't have the drizzle but there you don't have that, you have rain. otherwise another great day. high temperature near 50. not as much rain as yesterday. lisa? >> well, that was fast. seems like we just did this. 16th street southbound after kalmia crash is in the right lane and d dot is on the way. we had a stalled car in the rain but a truck that had courtesy of pushing that on to the shoulder. thank you. >> on new hampshire avenue at 198 there's a mechanical problem so policeill help you there 650 at 198. on the highway, live, not much, rain, road spray, kind of what you expect here on the geico camera. still moving at speed and good in virginia at springfield. now live to alison and doug. >> ok. lisa, thank you, very much for that.
5:43 am
sarah palin did not win the race for vice president but well on her way to becoming a best-selling author and today marks a week since "going rogue" was released and already sold 700,000 copies, and the publisher is going to print an extra 1 million copies. rolling in money. >> yes. lots of long lines. >> all over the country. >> 5:42 is your time on this tuesday morning outsi we have 46 degrees. >> and coming up, the stage is set. "dancing with the stars" crowns a new champ. what to expect from the big finale. >> but first unlocking the secrets of the universe? you're watching good morning, washin
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, many men go through it but many know that it's happenal. waket gangen yep, men can go through menopause too.
5:47 am
the health alert that will probably surprise you. join us at 5:00. >> and checking ourtop stories at 5 lone 46 this morning we have an alert for parents, a huge crib recall. more than 2 million drop side cribs by stork craft manufacturing are being recalled. four in fantasy died after becoming trapped in the gate it is also sold under fisher price. if you have one the government says stop using these cribs. >> and metro's silver line to dulles airport, they want to use 11 concrete pilings built more than three decades ago.
5:48 am
but they only want to test three of them. >> and the world's largest at tom smasher is closer to unlocking the secrets of the universe. >> now it's used as an accelerater to useed to increase the energy of the pro on the beam. around i'm sure that's a very big deal. >> it is. i'm sure. >> now if someone can call and explain it to us. >>or at least along the story. >> 5:47 time for your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> lisa, let's hope it's not a science to get to work. >> no at tom smashing happening atom-smashingappening right now. >> if you're leaving columbia to get into laurel severing open and gone now in the rain. see the spinning now? that is where the signal is knocked out.
5:49 am
but police will help you. >> we're good 66 coming out of manassas going into vienna. more highlights now spoted in this camera. but northbound 95 is open from fredericksburg all the way to the beltway. coming out of maryland, good. 228, 210. a vehicle slid off the highway but the toe truck is with it now. now adam caskey? >> yes. lisa, it's one of those frustrating mornings when you're driving because between the drizzle and road spray you can't find the perfect setting for your windshield wipeers. i guess that would best explain the precipitation coming down. charles county moving northward and how the toward bowie. otherwise mainly just drizzle. 46 degrees, so it's cool. let's take a look at some of the
5:50 am
rainfall totals so far from this system, including yesterday, of course. over an inch in clear spring, mcclain, three quarters of an inch in the caskey backyard in arlington so today a lot like yesterday with one exception. not as heavy rainfall. the rain won't be quite as bad as it was yesterday. patchy fog here and there. but the sun will come out eventually. for more on that and our travel weather. big travel day coming up. brian, what do you have for us? >> well you were throwing around that f word this morning in the studio. and i'm not talking. you -- >> we're going to say a four-letter word on the news today. >> we're talking flury. people. flurries.
5:51 am
snow. we'll so you what we've got going on. this is for the travel day tomorrow. shouldn't be affected too much. but notice this system here in the great lakes area. snow fro minneapolis to chicagoland. major hub cities for delta, united. that could be a travel issue for you. not bad from philly to new york. all the west coast is calm. hopefully not too many travel woes for you tomorrow. other than light rain and drizzle. maybe some flurries could fly even here in the metro. but it's 48. we're not talking about any issues but wanted to throw it in. throw it in there. >> i can't believe you teased us like that. you promised a four-letter word. all the fcc words were running
5:52 am
to the mike. flury. >> ha, hmm, ha, hmm, hmmmmm. >> [laughter] >> so phil, this is a big night for a local dancer. >> yes. mya is the statistical leader heading into tonight's "dancing with the stars." feel like we're talking about the olympics. finished three points shy of perfect after last nigh's final competition she made it clear she intends to win the mirrored ball but she'll have to beat donny osmond who wants it and kelly osborne is the underdog. >> i don't know what's going on with the tmz thing but weeks after maria shriver apologize do so for parking in a red zone and
5:53 am
talking on the phone while driving, her husband appears to have violateed the same law. two photos of governor schwarzenegger getting into a silver porsche while in a red zone. the celebrity site says the violation happened saturday in beverly hills and the city typically issue as $90 citation to red zone violaters, this morning no comment from the california governor's office. i have no idea tmz is like out to get them. >> they are out to on their tail. >> those government vehicles here can park wherever they want. >> ty would be overwhelmed here. >> everyone has diplomat plate. >> don't want to mess with the gov narte, though. >> yeah and he could make a fast gov narte, though. >> yeah and he could make a fast getaway in that c
5:54 am
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>> president obama says the u.s. economy's core strength will help it weather the lingering effects of the recession. >> but heading into the holiday season most consumers are not convinced. pamela has the stoir for us. >> good morning. those big retail stores like wal-mart are already putting out deep discounts ahead of black friday. it's a good thing they are doing this because shoppers are saying
5:57 am
they are going to be more frugal this holiday season. >> it's one word. discount. that's what many holiday shopers say they are looking for as they cruise online and in stores ahead of the holidays. >> just don't have the noun splurge on things. >> debt-related problems are expecting to hold 50% of americans back. t 3% say they'll spend less or the same as last year and that could have a ripple effect on how many seasonal employees are being hed and free inalternative ships are being offered to scale back costs. >> i'm also hiring an intern, a free internship. >> i will not rest until businesss are investing and hiring again, and people have work again. >> until the unemployment rate starts going down, economists say consumer spending will continue to lag behind. that's tough news for retailers who rely heavily on the holiday
5:58 am
shopping spending to carry them through. >> and as we heard there president obama says moving forward he really wants to focus on jump-start hiring. next week he'll beholding a summit with small and big businesses. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> pamela, thank you, very much. a lot more to come in the second hour of good morning, washington. >> and coming up the future of the fight in afghanistan. the white house says the president now is just days from announcing a decision. >> a good morning to you. intended to make your life as a parent easier but now a watchdog group is saying your baby's crib could be deadly. i'm courtney robinson live with a t largest crib recall in history. >> and lisa baden will be here to help you navigate through your commute. good morning goonths in 90
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